Thursday, August 14, 2003


I guess I shouldn't be too cavalier in referencing Amy's spider bite here. I've gotten some very sweet comments of concern from folks in the trackless blogiverse.

Yes, the brown recluse is an especially nasty spider, but it's my understanding that's partially because people tend to ignore the bite initially and then the situation can get very bad. As I mentioned, despite my flippant counsel urging Amy not to pay attention to her symptoms, she went to a doctor fairly soon. She's on antibiotics and the doc seems to think she'll feel lousy for a while, but she's in no serious danger.

Right now, the bite is manifesting itself in the form of a cool looking mark resembling a hurricane on a radar image, and a fairly steady fever. The fever spikes at times resulting in Amy spiralling, but unlike a hurricane, the movement is downward. We have faith that like most things, this will pass in time.

Disappointingly, the doctor also told her she wouldn't get any superpowers. A wife who could spin webs and swing around skyscrapers does have a certain attraction to me, but it's probably best I not explore that fantasy.

Although it's not quite as exotic as having a superheroine wife, there is an upside to this....each morning I'm in the habit of giving Amy a kiss. It's not an Al and Tipper moment or anything, simply a quick touch of our lips to let her know I love her as I leave for the office. She's usually half asleep if not comatose when this occurs since it's always at an hour when no sane person is awake, but it's meaningful to both of us.

Now, I kiss her lips, but also her forehead. Sure I'm checking for fever, but I'm also doubling up on the love.

I was caught in Amy's web long ago.