Tuesday, August 12, 2003


I'm communing with Paul Harvey's trademark sign off.

This is a good day.

First, Amy appears to be feeling better after being bitten by a brown recluse spider.

I also feel better knowing that my initial comments of "stop looking up spider bites on the Internet and you'll be fine" didn't result in her dying or having her leg amputated.

Luckily Amy has learned a lot during the course of our marriage... primarily to ignore me.

Our doctor confirmed her Internet diagnosis and she's properly medicated.

There remains cause for concern...I'm still wandering around unrestrained.

Second, compared to the past few weeks it's relatively cool in San Antonio, we may get pounded by thunderstorms this afternoon but right now it's breezy and nice.

Third, I stumbled across the knowledge that a new Tom Clancy book is out, so I'll be scrunched up reading shortly. By the way, that link is to Amazon.com but it's cheaper at Sam's...16 bucks.

Fourth, I found this story.

Whose butt would Jesus Kick?

I love this approach to ministry actually. Too often I think we Christians cloister ourselves in the name of piety but in reality we're barricading ourselves from opportunity.

Kick a little butt for Christ....works for me.

Off topic: I considered writing about patience today...but right now I'm anxious to begin reading my Clancy novel so that will have to wait.

"Good day".