Friday, August 08, 2003


"Don't drive angry" is one of the many funny lines in the movie "Groundhog day"...I'm wondering if "Don't blog angry" should also be a rule.

I meant to sit down and blog several times today, but got distracted. I use this time to reflect if at all possible...right now I'm sweating and I'm angry because we scheduled our day around the company that said they were going to replace our air conditioning unit today. It's 5pm on Friday...still no sign of them.

I can understand that to some extent, it's 102 degrees in San Antonio today and I'm sure they're getting a lot of calls. However we've been waiting for several days...and it's 102 degrees at our house too.

I'm most angry at the fact this company is trying to rip us off. Our home warranty firm is paying for the cost of replacing our condenser, but the firm they've hired has tacked on "fees" that are not covered. I can live with some of them, but I'm a reporter...I did some checking. They want to charge 100 dollars for the city permit. It's debatable if a permit is needed at all, but in any case the city permit costs $6.25. I'll even throw in the 22 dollar inspection fee. But a 200% markup seems a bit extreme.

I'm trying to maintain a Christian attitude...but it's difficult when the environment doesn't exactly remind you of Heaven...Did I mention it's 102 degrees?

Addendum: We negotiated a more reasonable fee.

Compromise is possible...but sometimes to get folks to bend, you have to bend a few ears.

And twist a few arms.