Saturday, August 09, 2003


It's pretty much guaranteed that our Sunday service will be a little confusing and disorganized. Our Pastor has a much deserved day off and since we're a small congregation that means we'll be scrambling a bit to get things done. Church won't flow "smoothly."

Even when everyone is present and accounted for our church never operates like a well oiled machine. Kids make noise, sometimes the music team volunteers can't all be there, so not every song is perfect, once in a while we forget an announcement.

Thank God we do that.

I don't want processed Christianity. I don't want Velveeta worship.

Shouldn't being a Christian be a little disheveling...a little crazy?

Matthew 3:4
John's clothes were made of camel's hair, and he had a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey

Sometimes churcheology goes so far overboard it blows my mind. Could you imagine taking communion but first removing from the cup a little label that reads sanitized for your protection?

Our church service tomorrow will be a little out of kilter. There will be slips and spills. It will be untidy. And we will love each other in our unsanitary insanity.

God does.

This is grace.