Wednesday, August 06, 2003


This is so weird.

Yesterday I blogged about burdens and how my Urologist and dental Hygienist thought because of my work hours they couldn't fathom how anyone could do what I do.

So help me, someone else said something similar this morning. What's odd is she works pretty strange hours too, coming in at 8 or 9 pm. She's one of my news contacts, someone I call every morning first thing and today she laughed and said, "Man, every time you call I think 'how can he get up so early?'"

This woman's name is JoAnna.

She is a Bexar County Medical Examiner.

Her job entails going to the scene of every late night death that is linked to unusual circumstances. Examining the corpses. Then she supervises their removal and later takes part in cutting them open for autopsy. She's a great news source since every murder victim, car accident victim, etc. she has personally seen...and touched.

She ties on toe tags, and she thinks my job is tough.


Thank you God for making such a weird and entertaining world.