Tuesday, July 15, 2003


The winds are kicking up. Claudette's fluttering her skirt fringes in San Antonio and I'm watching radar hoping she's full of bluster and little more. Either this is a freak storm or our weather forecasters are really just guessmen. I've never seen a storm change from its predicted course so often. At 3 this morning "the experts" were talking about Claudette making landfall "tonight". The eye of the storm hit before noon. We wait for this hurricane for days and now she's suddenly in a hurry.

One thing Claudette has accomplished is she's cleared the lingering swallow nestlings off our porch. The remaining trio bravely moved out their nest last night, but didn't venture much further. They were on the ledge when I left for work early today

Now they're gone...hopefully Claudette just gave them an indelicate nudge. Maybe the encroaching rains will wash away all the little birdie reminders splattered before our doorstep too.