Wednesday, July 23, 2003


It's only p.u.

The aroma controversy is over at the office. I finally had to send an email to the office manager asking if she happened to notice that everyone on the second floor smelled like they'd been visiting an opium den and she "spoke" to the newly indoctrinated aroma therapy convert responsible. He apparently took offense when she said someone referred to the reek as "industrial vanilla."

She quoted me his response today, "It's only a fragrance...and besides it's cinnamon!"

What do I know?

In any case he agreed to take his candle and aroma beads home "where they would be appreciated."

I appreciate that.

It's only money

Ever buy a pair of flip flops? You know those cheap rubbery sandals with the thing that fits between your toes that takes 3 weeks to get used to and breaks after 4 weeks? What did you pay for them?

You obviously got a bargain.

It's only what?

You know what I hate about the Kobe Bryant story (besides the fact that I have to filter out the innuendo, speculation, spin, and rumor from the "news" everyday)? I hate the fact that I keep hearing people say, "I hope it's only adultery."

Psalm 106:36

They worshiped their idols, which became a snare to them.

And it's only Wednesday.....