Wednesday, July 09, 2003


We've returned home, poorer in the pocketbook, richer in our hearts.

It was a great vacation. The weather cooperated, the "little truck that might" got us to Lake Erie and back, there was no shortage of toilet paper, and the airline only treated me like a terrorist until I figured out if you remove your shoes while going through metal detectors you are not a threat to the nation.

My thoughts are calm today and for that I am thankful. That is not usually the case... my life is noisy. There is quite often a chaotic clamor of voices demanding or distracting my attention.

We returned late last night after spending nearly two weeks with our extended family. Oftentimes that too is noisy, but those voices speak to me in a different way...with a certain clarity. My mind is not muddled during this all too brief season of familial renewal. I hear God's voice more readily within this clatter.

I know this sense of tranquility won't last but I will cling to it with a jealous zeal. With God's help maybe I can stash some of its essence in my soul to filter out the tumult of tomorrow.