Saturday, July 26, 2003


When I sat down to write I received word that Eddie Cantu has died of sudden stroke. He was the Pastor of the little congregation that uses our sanctuary for their church on Saturday nights. A spirited man with a devotion to God. I had only spoken with him on a few occasions but I know he was devout...I know he leaves behind many people who love him.

Tonight the "Father's Love" congregation will worship again, but Eddie will be with God. He was 48.
The death of others always makes us confront our own mortality. That's a natural response.

I don't fear death.

It's not something I'm seeking mind you, but I'm not quaking in dread that death may come upon me.

I fear lingering.

God, if You're taking requests on this, I'd prefer that I go suddenly. I would rather not have the end of my life consume the lives of the people around me. While we're at it, could I request my death be painless?

We knew Eddie would likely pass away after learning of the severity of the stroke on Friday. Last night, Amy turned to me before we went to sleep and said, "I don't ever want a day to go by where I haven't told you I love you."

God, let me emphasize, I'm only making my wishes known in advance. I'd like to enjoy this life for as long as possible.

I'm in no hurry...