Thursday, July 24, 2003


I'm thinking about angels today.

My friend Roy was supposed to help me clean the church today. I called him this morning to remind him, but he didn't show up. That worried me.

Roy is one of the older members of our church family. He's had heart problems, and heart surgeries.

I was wrapping up the cleaning work and preparing to call Roy to check on him when he drove up. Turns out the alternator in Roy's truck gave out as he was driving to the church. He didn't have a cell phone so he walked about a quarter mile in the August heat of Texas to a Catholic cemetery where he told me, "he has a good friend."

His friend hooked him up with two guys who went and got him an alternator and installed it in his truck on the side of the road. The entire process of breaking down, walking to find help, going to get the parts, and repairing his truck took about an hour.

I'm thinking about angels today.

The Pentagon published the pictures of the dead sons of Saddam today. They died in the home of a man named, Nawaf al-Zaidan. It's widely believed that their host was also the man who tipped off the military to their whereabouts. Nawaf al-Zaidan's resume lists only one job: Saddam glommer.

He has apparently survived for years by sucking up to Saddam and now he will receive 30 million dollars for betraying him.

I'm thinking about angels today.

About nine miles from our home is where the Century 21 real estate office is located where an employee with no known problems went on a rampage yesterday, killing two women and leaving another on life support.
Last night, Amy was on the phone with a friend who told her that the ex-wife of the man she's dating works at that office...but had called in sick yesterday.
This morning, my co-worker Stan told me his friend had an appointment to close on a house at that office at 2 yesterday afternoon, but got tied up and had to reschedule at the last minute.
This afternoon I received an email from my friend Cathy which said her neighbor works in that office. In the same room as the gunman. When the phone rang at 3 p.m. Cathy's friend left her desk to answer it, and immediately heard gunshots. The gunman soon was pointing the gun at her, but didn't pull the trigger. Instead he walked out the door...only to squeeze that trigger and end his own life two hours later.

I'm thinking about angels today.

I don't understand them, but I'm thinking about angels.

Can you blame me?