Tuesday, June 17, 2003


I noticed a small flaw in my blog today. I want to be able to send links to specific posts. There's every indication this can be done easily, but as usual I've wasted far too long trying to figure it out.

I usually have a solution to situations such as this...I ask Amy to figure it out :)

She should be home before too long. I think I'll put my energies to use on something I'm more adept at....in other words, it's naptime.

Amazingly enough I managed to figure out how to accomplish what I wanted to without Amy's guidance. Of course, it probably wouldn't have taken me as long if I had her help me, but it's still satisfying. For the record, for the two people who read this blog, the 'link' function now works if you want to send a link to a specific post, and I've added some links to some of my favorite posts to the right hand side of the page. That way if a third person decides to read this blog, they can just hit highlights :)