Friday, June 27, 2003


Lakeside, Ohio is a place that has taken on near mythical imagery in our family. It's a place to reconnect and recharge. To rest. To unplug.

This is where our family, on Amy's side, has converged annually each summer for many years and part of its appeal is there are no electronic exits. There will be no blogging at Lakeside. The house actually has a phone, unlike any we've rented in previous years, and a few other modern amenities, like a TV and VCR, but their use is discouraged if not banned outright. We will face facts and family...together.

I can attest that it is easy to drift away from your family. It's impossible to do at Lakeside.

To the outsider, Lakeside appears to have little to offer. Cramped quarters. Somewhat archaic entertainment choices. An ice cream shop. Candy stores.

But there is a sense of what's important at Lakeside. There is a peaceful passion to this place.

It's not all bliss. There will be confusion. Emotions will erupt. Moments of discomfort are inevitable as generations collide.

This is family.

Tomorrow I turn 46...and go back in time.

Thank you God for the opportunity of this blessing.