Thursday, June 12, 2003


It's vacation is still nearly two weeks away and I am counting down the days. I'm so anxious to get away from the office that I've already done my "last minute" vacation work that I normally save...for the last minute. Of course the potential of somewhat cooler weather may be fueling my desires. Please God...let it be cool in Ohio...anything under 90 will qualify, but a few days in the 70s would certainly replenish my soul.
Our fairly new neighbors are settling in. A minister, his wife, and four kids including three young boys. The boys are becoming very popular with our dogs since they reguilarly hit baseballs, whiffle balls, rubber balls, over the fence into our yard. I suppose that is something akin to doggie manna for our mutts. The other day I came home and found 6 whiffle balls in the back yard. Occasionally the three young brothers will trudge over, always together, ring the bell and ask if I could retrieve some of their toys for them. As far as problems with neighbors go ours seem rather minor.
Amy and I quickly dashed out this afternoon to clean the church. I forgot it was my week to clean and hate having "chores" to do on Friday. I don't really considering cleaning the church a chore. I actually see it as a form of worship although that's hard to explain to folks as I'm swabbing out toilets. I figure if you can't work for God, who can you work for? When I'm working for Him, I'm never tempted to watch the clock either.