Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The Moon and the Stars

I saw it this a police report. A man who has become well known in San Antonio for wearing only a skimpy thong and riding his bicycle around town was arrested. Last night he evidently decided the thong was too he went for less. A "flesh colored bag" is how one jail guard described it to me. The modern day equivalent of a fig leaf.

For the record: Parading around in public wearing only a thong = legal. Parading around in a flesh colored fig leaf = illegal.

This guy is a twisted freak, but people like him make my life easier. I don't have to worry about trying to guess what people are talking about as I assemble our morning news block. I only have to write the story and put it on the air. They'll talk about it. It makes my editorial life easy.

It's like someone handing you the Moon...or, in this case perhaps, Uranus.
There will be other folks parading around in San Antonio. The Spurs "victory parade" and celebration is tonight. The NBA champion Spurs, their coaches, wives, and girlfriends will ride down the San Antonio river on barges. Hundreds of thousands of people lining the river will cheer even though a handful of barges will also be stuffed with every local politician with the clout to glom onto the event.

The "politicos" will ride along behind the shining stars of the NBA trying to glisten and glimmer in their limelight. It won't work. The crowd will look at the other barges and only see a few more rear ends sticking out in public.