Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Still suffering from a distinct lack of energy and inspiration. I'm blaming the humidity and the fact that the NBA finals are dragged out for so long. At least the Spurs play tonight. That means that at least there will be something watchable on TV (although the way the last game was played "watchable" is a subjective term).

A couple of weeks ago we noticed our cable box in the living room was suddenly giving us all of the movie channels. We have called the cable company and informed them, since that's the honest thing to do, and we don't want to pay for 792 movie channels. They said not to worry because their new high tech system will reset our box automatically. We're still waiting. What is particularly disturbing about this is not that we're getting stuff we're not paying for (hey, we called I figure we're off the hook ethically) it's that with 792 movie channels, there's still nothing on TV. The movies on cable have to be the worst films ever made.

Of course there are some good movies...but how many times can you watch "Hoosiers"?

When "Legally Blonde" is the best film on television something is wrong with society....besides we've already watched it 6 times...we've had was free.