Saturday, June 14, 2003


Lazy Saturday. Still basking in the afterglow of the Spurs' victory. Even when they win it's painful...but they won. I will relish it.

It dawned on Amy and me last night how we've both been trudging along because this week was dragging on forever. I blamed our upcoming vacation and the desire to be there. Now I truly think it was due to the Spurs losing on Wednesday. We were bummed out all week. After the Spurs won last night, Amy's mood changed quicker than a menopausal woman slipping off her pharmaceutical feed.

It's time for the NBA season to be over though. It's been emotionally draining. It will be a wonderful Father's Day gift if the Spurs win tomorrow night.
The girls are coming down tonight to spend some time with us for Father's day, which was unexpected and enriching. I was an awkward after thought on Father's day for the kids for many years. It wasn't their fault by any means. They were young. They had no guidelines of etiquette to follow. Stepdad's don't really have a "day" set aside by the greeting card companies yet...and I certainly wanted their father to bask in their love completely on Father's day. I still do. In recent years though the kids have really gone out of their way to make sure I'm remembered. I flatter myself in thinking that might be because I'm a better stepfather, but it's more likely the result of them becoming even more wonderful human beings.

In any case, I love the kids everyday. They honor me by the way they live their lives.