Monday, June 02, 2003


It's empty nest time. Our last little bird has flown away. I had to double check when I got home today so I got on a chair with a mirror and looked inside the nest. I should have known there was no bird in there since I wasn't being squawked at or dive bombed by protective parents. I'm calling our straggling swallow Nemo since we saw "Finding Nemo" yesterday...the name seemed to fit. He's off on a new adventure. I can't really blame him for leaving, after getting a close up look at the inside of that nest I feel much better about our housekeeping. I think we'd be doing the birds a favor if we made them build a new nest each year, the current one reminds me of the places I lived in college.
Our little nest is emptying quickly too. Tiffany is in Kerrville working at a camp while preparing to begin her teaching career, Joey is in Sandusky, and soon Lisa will be headed to Waco. I'm thankful that I can count on the swallows and the children returning.
I will enjoy a little elbow room for a while. Soon we'll be heading to Ohio for our summer vacation. Our annual rest at Lake Erie which also brings back college memories, things like seeing how many people we could cram into a VW bug. We'll shove as many family members into one home as possible, and then add a couple of more. I can't wait actually. Sometimes crowds are comfortable.

It could be worse