Monday, June 23, 2003


This is the forecast for my vacation destination:

Day Conditions Temp Rain chance

Jun 28 Partly Cloudy 75°/63° 20 %
Jun 29 Mostly Sunny 78°/65° 20 %
Jun 30 Partly Cloudy 78°/66° 10 %
Jul 01 Partly Cloudy 76°/65° 10 %
Jul 02 Partly Cloudy 77°/65° 10 %

Exactly the weather I've been praying for...hopefully the weatherman will be right for a change. It will be a wonderful way to recharge no matter the weather, but if we aren't all sweating it will add to the enjoyment. As I've stated here repeatedly...I can't wait for vacation to begin and I will be renewed when it concludes.

Not all things end well. Last week, a guy whose become known as "Thong Man", got another blitz of publicity for riding his bicycle barely clad. I gleefully mentioned him here.

Now Thong Man is dead.

He was found dead in Big Bend national Park, a rugged area in West Texas. He apparently fell, or perhaps jumped, from a 100 foot cliff.
He was naked when he was discovered.

Odds are his proclivity for flashing his rear was his way of crying out for help. Perhaps we couldn't see that because we were so fixated on what he was showing publicly.

Thong man came into this world bare bottomed, lived his life parading that bottom out in public , and died bottom's up at the bottom of a cliff . There is only one fitting way to sum up his story.

"The End."