Tuesday, June 24, 2003


I've been kicking around the idea of taking a small notebook with me on vacation and making notes to write here upon my return....today I'm rejecting that idea.

Perhaps while on vacation I may find a computer and dash out a thought or two, but I doubt it. I am fulfilled in knowing that I have lived up to my challenge to write something here every day, but I am not going to be in bondage to blogging (blogage?).

I spoke with a close friend last night about the benefits of blogging as a discipline and why we feel compelled to write. I believe we are fleshing ourselves out, which is exactly what God asks of us. It's far too easy to live a lengthy life, only to discover you never explored its width.

Vacation is indeed a time to cast aside my daily burdens, but maybe it's also a time to set aside some of my daily joys and pleasures. I think I might appreciate them more that way. I am leaving some of our good friends behind for this short period of time,and I will leave The Main Point untended also. My friends will be here when I get back....and so will this space.

Besides I think everyone who reads this blog, with one or two exceptions, is going on vacation with me.