Thursday, June 19, 2003

Are we there yet?

The countdown has begun. Vacation is now less than a week away which in reality means my mind is going to be focused on little else between now and then. I have slipped into something I call "pre-vacation Tourette's syndrome." Amy and I will be sitting around and I'll suddenly bark out a revelation like, "We need to stop the mail" or "Have we made sure the dogs have reservations at the kennel?", or "We need to make sure the newspaper doesn't deliver." All references to "we" in reality mean "Amy" since I actually don't do anything at all to help in planning our vacation. My only contributions are these periodic eruptions of apprehension...fits of mental incontinence.
Amy makes all the arrangements, figures out how much money we have and even plans our meals. Yesterday she was scooping out spices and putting them in little baggies so she'd have them 'pre-mixed' when making meals at Lakeside. Can't wait until our luggage is searched and we have to explain the carefully rolled up baggies of oregano. Maybe I'll tell the airport guards it's "medical marijuana" prescribed so that my wife will still tolerate me enough to get on a plane with me. They'll have to guess which of us uses it.