Friday, May 23, 2003


The death of John and Denise's child last night overshadowed my emotions for Lisa. Her "hero's dinner" was the most meaningful "pre-graduation" event I have attended in recent weeks albeit the competition wasn't that stiff. It was also Lisa's last real event at high school since she's not required to attend classes any longer.

So much attention has been focused on these kids' achievements, I found it moving to hear them acknowledge that they were indebted to others for their accomplishments. Lisa chose to name as her "hero" her instructor for private oboe lessons, Mrs. McKeithen, who has guided her for the past four years. Lisa "winged" her speech honoring her, but she did great in conveying the message that this woman helped her harness her musical talents while at the same time encouraging her to unleash them.

I hope it helped Lisa understand that she will soar in the years ahead in part because she's so well grounded.

SIDE NOTE:: The banquet meal: fajitas. They were excellent. Who knew?

Tiffany stopped by the house this morning while I was at the hospital. I called as she was preparing to leave, to drive to Mexico. To drive INTO Mexico. Her roommate from college is from Mexico and Tiffany is going there to visit for a few days. I NEVER drive into Mexico. I fear the traffic; I fear the crazy laws; I fear the Federales; I have irrational fears of bandits screaming, "Badges? We don't need to stinkin' badges!". When I shared my fears with Amy she reminded me that Tiffany is fearless. Then I learned Tiffany has driven into Mexico on several occasions before...we just didn't know.

I thought once again of the barn swallows who share our front porch. Their babies poked their heads out as I was leaving for New Braunfels last night.

There is no option...when they leave the nest, they're going to fly...