Tuesday, May 13, 2003


Nathaniel Ethan Kiehl came into the world yesterday...his father, an Army Specialist from just up the road, left this world in March. James Kiehl was killed in Iraq. He was 22.


Got a "news" release from the state troopers:

"The Texas Department of Public Safety is asking the public for assistance in locating 53 Texas legislators who have disappeared."

The "legislators" are all Democrats who don't like the way things are working out in the Republican dominated Texas legislature, so they ran away to prevent a quorum. Most are hiding out in Ardmore, Oklahoma, presumably because no one could argue that they're enjoying themselves if they're in Ardmore. I have no real problem with this political tactic...I wish more politicians would run away.

Anyone spotting one of the missing 53 (no deck of cards issued yet but it's got to happen) please call : 1-800-U-Keep 'em


Also missing these days is consistent play by the Spurs small forwards...I'm putting my Swami cap back on and predicting tonight will be a break out night for Manu Ginobilli...

Let us pray.