Saturday, May 17, 2003

Seeing All We Should See

The cacti are blooming.

I took these pictures at the church today while working on the land, with my tee shirt tucked in (see previous post).

Lots of folks came out to help, but our friend Cynthia caught my attention. The original plan for today's "work day on the land" fell through, forcing some improvisation in finding jobs for people to do. When I saw Cynthia drive up I knew she wouldn't need any direction. She parked her car, grabbed her gloves and went right to work weeding an area behind the church where we've developed an 'herb garden".

I mentioned to her how much I appreciated the fact that she saw a job that needed doing and just did it. Her response was, "If I didn't know what needed doing before I got here, I would have stayed home."

Cynthia can be a little rough around the edges which can occasionally rub people the wrong way if they haven't gotten to know her. I'm reminded today how much I enjoy people like Cynthia.

If you steer clear of cactus because of the can also miss the cactus rose.