Wednesday, May 21, 2003


Explain to me why any audio tape that is sent to Al Jazeera which features someone saying "kill Americans" is the lead story on ABC news? Is it news to anyone that Muslim terrorists want to kill us? ABC News Tonight not only led with the story but also listed off "suggested targets" presumably for those of us who don't speak Arabic or are too lazy to listen to the tape and take our own notes.
Does anyone believe in polls? I refuse to write most stories that cross my desk about "poll results" because I don't know what the respondents were really asked. I've seen polls this week claiming Americans believe they will eventually be eating catfood (the cheap stuff not Tender Vittles) because of President Bush's handling of the economy, to teenagers saying everyone they know has had sex before they were 16.

I don't believe either. Yes, I think a lot of folks think the economy is in the dumper. I don't think most Americans "blame" President Bush...unless you ask them to blame someone. Who are they going to blame if you frame a question that way? " Well, personally I blame frankfurter salesmen for the economic problems facing America". If there's only one target, it's a cheap shot.

Do you really think teenagers tell the truth about sex? Really? Does anyone really think that?
Tonight's biggest poll will be the results of "American Idol". I have to admit I have never watched a full episode of this show, but I heard audio today of the two finalists singing. I like the scrawny guy.
A former colleague now works for SBC and tells me call volumes rivaled that of a national disaster last night because of people voting for their American Idol favorite.

I guess it doesn't qualify as a national disaster...but we obviously have a lot of idle Americans.