Friday, May 02, 2003

Random thoughts...hopefully
Normally when I sit down to blog I have no agenda, I simply see what erupts...of course usually I've had more coffee than I've had today....right now I'm simply staring at the screen...of course that can have its moments.
The concert last night in Kerrville was very pleasant. The Symphony of the Hills Orchestra is made up of a great many dedicated volunteers. I'm all for volunteers, in fact I am supposed to speak on that topic at church this weekend. I hope I strike a good chord...some of last night's performers missed a few.

They played "Rhapsody in Blue", which may have been selected as a tribute to the hair color of most of the members of the audience. I feel young in Kerrville. Need to go there more often.
Look yourself in the eye: It occurs to me that blogging may eventually replace "Reality TV". Since we all seem so fascinated by watching other "regular" people, it seems a logical offshoot that eventually it will evolve into television programs where we just watch ourselves.

Blogging is sort of like that. Write about your life and then read about yourself.


Pronunciation: "blog"
Function: noun
Etymology: Short for "web log"
Definition: On line mirror for literary introverts


BUM RAP: It was on this day in 1994 that a teenager named Michael Fay got his fanny whacked in Singapore for vandalizing cars with spray paint. It caused a world-wide stir. Then President Clinton even got involved.

Remember when we cared about stories like that?
Ugh...I just tried to change my blogger template and hadn't saved what I had written..."poof" it's gone...

Most wisdom is fleeting I suppose.
Take off your Foster Grants...the Suns are finally out of our eyes! Thank goodness the Spurs got past Phoenix. Bring on the Lakers!
I see where the first two games of the series both have 8:30 start times...major sleep schedule adjustments again.

I really feel for my buddy and co-worker Stan Kelly. He'll have to announce those games at the SBC center and still anchor the morning news. Even though I wake up earlier and plan to watch the games, at least I'll be home.

When Stan bellows, "Two minutes!" over the P.A. system, that may be a painful reminder of the amount of sleep he's going to get.
Give that guy a hand:
Then again...we should all count are blessings. Worrying about when to nap or the fate of our favorite sports teams seems unbelievably shallow when you read about men like this guy.