Saturday, May 03, 2003

Prom day

Prom day for Lisa. Her senior prom is tonight. I'm amazed. I still think of her as a little blonde burst of sunshine with a perpetual smile.

Today will be a day of hair and nail appointments. Fury and fussing. Fanciness and frustrations. A good day for me to lay low. Tonight, as Lisa prepares to drive away, I will be there to take pictures and hold Amy close as she cries. I've learned a few things over the years.


"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest"

Tomorrow our little Covenant Baptist Church family will meet to discuss our future plans which include another building to be used for classroom space. It will require a financial, emotional, and spiritual commitment on all our parts. Although I did see this picture today and thought that perhaps we could be creative in our financing:

Seriously, I pray our small community of faith will see this as a great opportunity, not a burden.
I have a relatively unburdened life. I am thankful for that. Lisa and I were talking last night about how people seem to get so worked up over such small things. Some years ago I made the pledge to "not make the minor monumental". It's been a pretty good philosophy. As Lisa prepares to graduate high school in a few weeks and Tiffany prepares for college graduation next weekend, I am reassured that both have a solid understanding of what is truly important. They know their self worth is not dictated by society nor in the end judged by man.

I hope this young woman finds those lessons too...Not all knowledge is found in books, especially law books.

Is God a burden?

I found this story interesting. I'm not surprised that Tony Blair says he's willing to answer to God for his choices in the war, I'm surprised he was so willing to answer to his political advisors when it came to mentioning God's name.

There have been times I have felt that way too. Times when I won't mention my faith. Times when I hold my tongue. Mind you, I am still a believer that silence is the better part of valor in many things, but I am also a believer in God. I read a book once called, "The Embarrassed Believer". It was not really a very good book, but it's a great title. I think that sums up many Christians. We believe but we don't want to burden anyone else with our beliefs.

Maybe that's because we've all encountered too many "in your face Christians".

God help me find a place on high to share my relationship with You somewhere between "the faithful but flawed" and the fanatical....and please help me lay low on Prom day.