Sunday, May 04, 2003

The Party's over

Prom night was a wonderful success...Prom day was relatively uneventful in terms of the usual number of crises too. Lisa was stunning. She has blossomed

We didn't get to see her date except might as well too:

I think she kicked off her heels to add to her date's stature....A good sign in any budding relationship.

The Party's just begun

A good service today, dedication of the land for our new building. A challenge to our small congregation of what it will mean to us financially, and spiritually. I once again am reminded that I am not a public speaker. It's odd, I can talk on the radio, but put me up in front of people and I become emotional. I'm not sure if it only happens in front of people I love and when I'm talking about growing in a relationship with God, or whether I'd act the same way if I were making a pitch for Samsonite luggage. In any case, I got through it... I hope the message I was trying to convey got through as well.
Party to Prayer

In Sunday school we talked about prayer, how we think of it, what it does for us and what we expect out of it. It was a fascinating conversation that provided great insight into our collective thinking. I was struck by this idea of how bizarre I have at times let prayer become in my life. It made me think of the "Covenant Casino" again, except now it was stocked with Prayer Slot Machines. Do I keep feeding in prayers and hope to get a "pay off" from above? The Jesus Jackpot...

I was glad to realize my beliefs about prayer are much like my thoughts on forgiveness. God calls on us to forgive, not only for the person we are forgiving, but also to free ourselves of the burdens that encumber us by not forgiving.

I think God calls on us to pray not only to convey our thoughts and hopes to Him, but also to maintain a personal relationship with Him.

I don't know how prayer works, why some prayers appear to be answered, and others do not. I do know praying makes me feel closer to God...and when you bring it down to the very basics....that's all I'm really praying for anyway.