Monday, May 26, 2003


The memory of the righteous will be a blessing

Memorial day...which for most folks means...barbecues. I have nothing against good food (I have the gut to prove it) but I hope I can spend at least a few moments this day thinking about the folks who have lost their lives protecting my freedom.

James Keihl was one of those men. He was baptized in Kuwait. He died in Iraq.
Amy mentions in her blog how a couple visited our church yesterday with their son. Their child's name is Everett Joseph, the same name as the son John and Denise laid to rest on Saturday.
I don't know how to explain or interpret that... "It's a God thing".
I'm at "work" this morning, but about 75 percent of what I normally do is not required today, which means I've "finished" my work and in about 40 minutes I'll go home. It's nice to get out of work early, and I did get to sleep in...until about 2:30.
The Spurs are one game away from the NBA finals. The Mavericks have played inspired basketball even without Dirk Nowitski, who is down to one leg . I'm hoping after tomorrow night the Mavs will have time to rest and heal. I have some suggested summer reading for Dirk:"Bury me at wounded knee"