Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Hold your comments please

One member of our Spurs Party/Seance/Voodoo Ritual/Potluck Monday night apparently read my remarks on the event -not here, the only people who actually admit to reading this blog are me and a kid in Oklahoma- in an email from Amy and said I should turn on the "comment" feature on my blog. It is on, you just have to read through my entire ranting to get to it which I've found pretty much eliminates the need for a comment feature anyway.

If only all of life's contentious moments were handled so easily.

So a Rabbi, a Priest and a Preacher...

Oftentimes my life parrots the line from the movie "Broadcast News" where Albert Brooks says, "Amazing. I say it here, it comes out there"

A large part of my job is to think up story ideas and try to make sure we have stories on the air dealing with "what people are talking about". This means that quite often what I'm talking about is somehow twisted into a "news story". As we were kicking around story ideas the other day I was talking about praying for the Spurs to make their free throws and it was decided we'd have a reporter talk to a Pastor, a Priest, and a Rabbi about whether it's okay to pray for the outcome of sporting events. Interestingly only the Rabbi said it was wrong. His contention is we should focus our prayers on more important issues like healing and peace.

No argument here, but where is that dividing line between honest prayer and trivial pursuit?

Don't have the answer to that one.
I'll pray on it. I hope that's okay God.

I have my Swami turban ready

All modesty aside, I do need to mention that in my blog Monday, hours before the game, I said I would "hopefully get a couple hours sleep with fanciful dreams of Shaquille O'Neal fouling out early dancing in my head."

Shaq Daddy fouled out in the fourth.

Feel free to now refer to me as the "Prophet Michael", which leaves my previous title of "Philosopher King" up for grabs.

Speaking of swollen heads

I found this story uplifting. It's nice to know that although the scenery has changed, in some ways life hasn't traveled too far off the path from the days of "Leave it to Beaver".

With the proper soap we can all probably pull our heads out of any number of tight spots.

Ooops, sorry...I've already relinquished the title of Philosopher King.