Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Have you heard the one about....

Okay, so a Pastor, a social worker, two church elders, a hospital chaplain and a radio guy get together to watch a basketball game... Who gets the "best behavior of the night award"?
I've seen calmer crowds at methamphetamine mixers.
A good time was had by all at our impromptu Spurs watching party last night, especially since the Spurs won. However I'm still trying to find a gentle way to explain how several members of our normally pious group stooped to bargaining with God for free throws, speaking in tongues that are not necessarily familiar among conventional baptists, cheering injuries, and at times falling to their knees in idol worship. All we were lacking was a golden calf.

Don't have a cow man

From the making the minor monumental files: The above shot is of a cow from the "Cow Parade", a traveling "art project" that raises money for various causes. It's in San Antonio now...Dozens of cow statues are stationed around town...This particular cow however has been banished. It was at San Antonio International Airport. Apparently the city's former Mayor, Henry Cisneros, decided it was bad art, and offensive.
The airport folks say he's the only person to complain...guess that's enough because that cow has been put out to pasture. Destined for whatever happens to fiberglass cows in the end....Maybe they're made into those burgers the Bob's Big Boy statues hold up.

We can get rid of Gaucho Cows...but this guy is still riding around town.

Speaking of riding tight

Best quote from an LA Times columnist describing last night's game and the Spur's defense:" Bruce Bowen was constantly in front of Bryant. I think he even showed up in a couple of Kobe's Sprite commercials"

And the best thing about last night's game is....we get to do it all over again tomorrow.