Sunday, May 11, 2003


This Mother's day will be spent for the most part in Kerrville watching Tiffany graduate college. Amy won't have the Mother's day dinner with the kids. "Her" day will be overshadowed by the bustlings and mania of graduation.

Yesterday, Amy pointed to a sad looking pot of flowers on our front porch and noted that they're not doing real well. She said, "I just shouldn't plant anything".

Today, as Tiffany walks across the stage, I hope to hold Amy's hand and whisper, "See what you planted? See how she's bloomed?"

You may not be great with marigolds, but I marvel at the children you've grown. There are none better. They are a testament to you.

I love you Amy. Happy Mother's Day.


Marvinel was her name. That had to be tough. Her Dad's name was Marvin, and so with the creativity mercifully found only in East Texas she was named "Marvinel". This is a picture that I think was taken as she when has going off to college. I'm assuming she didn't know at the time that the same style of clothing would be adopted by Mao Tse Tung and billions of Chinese.

My Mom died 31 years ago last month, just a few weeks before Mother's day 1972. She was a good woman. A strong and independent woman. I don't think of her often enough.

God Bless you Mom