Saturday, May 31, 2003


It's predicted to be 106 degrees here today. It won't get that high but it'll probably reach 100, not that you can really tell the difference between 100 and 106. Suffice it to say it's too dang hot for May. I forced myself to get in a walk and get the yard mowed before it got too bad. That at least will justify my planned activities for the rest of the day. I'm thinking "nap".

Live in San Antonio long enough and you will find the wisdom of "siesta".
Most of our baby swallows are gone. They've flown away. There is only one left. He (I'm assuming it's a male for some reason) seems a little sickly and occasionally moves to the edge of the nest, but no further

Today the Mama bird is guarding him

Last night both the Mom and Pop were squawking up a storm, urging the other babies to fly away. Apparently there is little tolerance in the swallow world for slackers. Maybe soon the last one will fly off, or join his dad on the top of our flagpole

I like to think the little straggler is the smartest bird in the bunch. He's not leaving yet. It's too hot.