Wednesday, May 14, 2003


The end of the world is tomorrow.

Figured I would pass that along for anyone who might have missed that news.

Members of this Japanese "Pana Wave" cult have been criss crossing their country trying to escape "radiation" and protect their leader. They all dress in white and believe the world is going to end Thursday.

What I find interesting about this story is that the media in Japan has been chasing these cultists hither and yon for weeks. According to Voice of America: "The white-clad cult members claim that journalists' TV cameras emit harmful signals and have tried to fend off reporters with giant mirrors."

That's like holding up a giant flame to rid your backyard of moths.


Our life limb and property are still safe. Texas House Democrats are still hiding in Ardmore, Oklahoma, so lawmakers in Austin can't do diddly. Tomorrow I'm going to call liquor stores and bars in Ardmore and see how business has been.

Side note: Texas Republicans have issued the most wanted cards as I predicted (see "Small favors" below). I'm keeping the Swami cap.


The "conventional wisdom" is that the Lakers will win tomorrow night and keep their championship hopes alive. I think the Spurs will get on track and stay on track enough to beat them ending the series; however I have mixed emotions. I've been offered tickets to Game 7 if there is one.

With my luck the world will end before then.


Dick the fish is dead. You may remember Dick. Dick was the 17-year old goldfish kept in a tank above a bar in a New York restaurant. He had some ailment that made it hard for him to swim. So the bar patrons put Dick in a sling.

I'm not sure what type of goldfish Dick was...a Japanese Coi? Who knows..maybe Dick was a cult member ahead of his time and tomorrow we could all be sleeping with the fishes.