Thursday, May 22, 2003


: The sudden onset of a clammy feeling of fear and dread when you realize despite having a 28 point lead, the Spurs could still blow it.

Some tense moments last night. The Mavericks are freakish, not only in their appearance, but in their uncanny ability to fling in shots down the stretch. I was glad the Spurs held them off, but if they keep up this trend of grabbing big leads only to let them slip away, I may need:

SPURDICATIONS: Drugs to help you cope with a hometown team that displays symptoms of schizophrenia.
CONFLIGRADUATION: The realization that if the Spurs don't win the next three games (assuming the Mavericks don't either) that "game six" of the Western Conference Finals will conflict with Lisa's graduation ceremony.

I have faith...and a pocket radio.
INSPAMATION: Supposed inspirational information sent via email.

I find the amount of "Christian Spam" I receive fascinating. Virtually all of it is well meaning. Virtually all of it is worthless too.

Many friends send, or more likely forward, emails detailing stories of inspiration, digital photos of "miracles" and the like. Some are "prayers" that will be answered if only I will forward them to ten of my other friends. The emails tell me forwarding them will prove I love Jesus. Some even say I should send them back to the sender to prove I love them!

What is the message Christians are really sending with emails like these? It sounds like we're very fragile ..worse yet, it sounds like our faith is fragile too.

BELIEVABOLD: Having strong faith in God and your convictions enabling you to delete that stuff not forward it.
INDIGESTIPATION: The gnawing realization that another "banquet' meal is in your future.

Tonight Lisa has her "Hero's dinner". Yet another pre-graduation banquet! Not sure what this meal will involve, but there are only two caterers in New Braunfels and I don't think they've been saving the best for last.