Tuesday, May 27, 2003


There appear to be some problems with Blogger today, so I'm dashing this out assuming it may not post until later, or not post at all.

First off the Spurs will hopefully wrap it up tonight. I have everything in place including my lucky underwear. I am now publicly admitting that each time the Spurs have won I have been wearing my black Spurs shirt and my black boxer/briefs with the silver-grey waistband.

I will be doing my part for the team tonight...both overtly and undercover. Yes, I've washed them....occasionally.

If the Spurs win the NBA championship the boxer/briefs will have to be added to my Spurs shrine. I believe my confession of the underwear superstitution so far has not resulted in Amy questioning her Spurs allegiance. She long ago stopped questioning my sanity.

Asked and answered.


Speaking of sanity.. I saw a man stealing the other day. It was during my walk around the neighborhood. He was stealing dirt.

The homebuilding giant converging on our area occasionally has a truck come through that dumps topsoil at various locations where it will be needed. As I was walking I saw a man coming from a few houses down with a wheel barrow to one of the newly constructed homes nearby. At first I thought he was dumping rocks and stuff from his yard into the lot, but then I saw he was actually taking dirt. He looked at me sheepishly as he waddled up the hill with a load of topsoil taken from an empty lot.

I have actually priced dirt. It's about 200 bucks for a truckload of topsoil. I don't know how many wheel barrows full this guy was taking. I didn't turn him in...I didn't think the police would make it a priority call, "Hello, I just saw a robbery in progress...a guy was taking dirt".

In any case, he's stealing from his neighbors before they even move in...and he's stealing dirt. I'm sure he won't get caught, but I wonder if come Judgement Day this poor guy will be greeted by someone saying, "Hi, welcome to Hell. Whatcha in for?" Damn embarrassing...literally.