Friday, May 09, 2003

And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

I read THIS STORY with some interest. Researchers say they've determined Jesus died at 3pm on Friday, April 3rd, 33 AD, and rose again on Sunday, April 5th at 4am.

I applaud these folks for spending their time determining this...Hopefully it matters to someone.

I am thankful that God knows the minute details of my life. I'm just not certain that He wants me to focus on the minutiae of His.

I tend to think of God as a "big picture" kind of guy...

It reminds me of something Gerald Mann wrote, and I'm paraphrasing, but it was basically that Christians too often climb foothills and then stop, look down and spend their time talking about where they've been. He contends we should be looking up because there are more mountains to climb.