Sunday, April 13, 2003

Sleep schedule is screwy again....always happens as I try to adjust to daylight saving time, and fail. I've gotten better over the years of simply accepting that I will not be able to have the tight reign on my sleep patterns that I desire. That at least eliminates the anger that has followed many of those fitful nights of no sleep. .
On the war front: Our 7 known POW's have been found.. alive. That was a wonderful way to start the day.
This is really crude humor.
Holy week, which means the end of Lent is nearing. The bread and cheese fast resulted in a net weight loss of zero, which is okay and probably to be expected since I allowed "pasta" to fall into its own category (otherwise I'd starve or Amy would have strangled me trying to figure out what I was going to be able to eat). I think I've been faithful to my vow to walk for 40 minutes every day, although I still have to meet today's committment. I plan to keep walking after Lent. I must admit that I expected to have to walk in the rain a lot more over the past 7 weeks. It seemed until I made a vow to walk, rain or shine that it rained every other day . I can' t think of one day during this Lenten season that hasn't been simply wonderful weather for walking. Never really too hot...or soggy.

Like my sleep pattern, I had no control over that. When I let go of that desire to control- life still works out. I should remember that more.