Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Made it thru the Spurs game with my marriage in tact...and the Spurs won, which is also a plus.

The Spurs did alright, especially for not having David Robinson and Kevin Willis. They also are missing someone else, but I'm hoping they find him before Friday night. In order to accelerate the search for that missing component, I hear the Spurs may take lessons from the Pentagon's 'most wanted' playing card strategy.

Actually I like Tony Parker (heck Amy wants him for a son-in-law although I haven't checked if that still applies considering his playoff performance). I think he's right for the Spurs. This guy would be a good Spur too, if he played basketball.


Speaking of Christians. I got this mailer at the office from an outfit called "Priority Associates". It's inviting me to a presentation on " Does GOD Really Exist? Weigh the evidence and decide for yourself".
No where in it does it state an affiliation with a church. At first I thought it was some weird "EST" thing where they would let me in the door and then not let me use the bathroom, but after some extensive research (okay, I typed the name in Google) I've determined that this is one of several evangelical Christian groups targeting young business professionals.

I'm still wary of this type of outreach, not exactly sure why. I'm going to pass. First off, I think I may skew the line for "young" and "professional" is a somewhat debatable adjective when it comes to describing me. Second I know the answer to the presentation's topic already. Third I don't need a free lunch. God's already fed me.