Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I don't seem to suffer from writer's block...it's something different. I have these spurts where I could write for hours on end. Yesterday was one of those days. I probably thought of 30 things to blog about it....lucky for you I got over it, though I don't seem to be able to control it.

There must be a name for this type of outbreak of creativity. Writer's herpes?

This morning though I'm suffering from a distinct lack of energy ...Perhaps I had the wrong breakfast.
Anticipation is in the wind...tickets are in my pocket. Snagged seats to tonight's Spurs game. Maybe if I scream my sage advice from a closer venue they'll win.
Anticipating ratings too...screaming doesn't help.
I've been watching brick throwers...not the figurative type who toss up verbal bricks to stir up trouble...the literal type. I'm sure they have another name, maybe Masonry apprentice. Anyway, I see them as I walk through my neighborhood where quick-constructed homes are being snapped together. The "brick thrower" works with the guy who actually positions and mortars in the bricks on these homes. The brick-thrower works below him, often on scaffolding, tossing up bricks as the wall work and wall worker climbs ever higher.

There is a system to this work. You can only throw so many bricks at one time without wearing yourself out. Also if you throw too many at once they won't stay together in the air long enough for the co-worker to catch them. That could obviously have some painful repercussions. Brickthrowers therefore have a pretty clear mission and instant yet lasting reminders when that mission fails.

It seems four bricks is the standard. The brick-thrower picks up four bricks at a time and tosses them. They hold together in flight...everytime. And everytime his co-worker catches them.

A system of efficiency...but also a system of trust.

A lot of relationships are built that way...sometimes only one brick at a time though...and that's fine. I don't need to slap together my relationships quickly like a cheap house.