Saturday, April 12, 2003

I am a loud mouth. It's a realization I have everytime I take part in a meeting or conversation where I have passionate opinions. It was brought home this morning at a "fireside chat" at our church. The chats are held every 3 or 4 months with Elders and Deacons. Today I came away feeling good, thinking I had been able to express some thoughts I'd been having, but as I reflected (remember I've been reflecting on reflection) I started thinking maybe I interrupted too much and didn't allow others to make their points. The more I thought about that the more I decided it was probably the case. I learn much more when I keep my mouth shut. I always vow I won't do that and then I do it. One day I'll learn..but at what PRICE?.
This has been a wonderful season for the Spurs. I've been to more games than ever, and been able to watch almost every game on TV. I can't remember seeing a team in any sport work so well as a "team". I still though have trouble fully "investing", vowing "The Spurs are going to win it all!". Part of me holds back, not wanting to be completely disappointed if the Spurs should stumble.

I may have been permanently scarred by the Cowboys :)
There are many wonderful things about the Internet, but perhaps the most wonderful is the fact that whenever I feel like I'm strange, out of touch, or just plain weird...I can reassure myself in mere seconds that there is someone more out of touch, stranger, and weirder than I. Like THESE FOLKS.