Saturday, April 05, 2003

Been a few days without blogging. Been at the coast with Amy, my nephew Matt and three of his buddies from Ohio. It was a very nice, albeit too short, stay. Everytime I'm near the water I think how I need to be around the ocean more. It's spiritually renewing. Perhaps it's the way it humbles me. To see the vast expanse of God's creation puts my world in perspective. I don't feel any less important to God, God just feels more important to me.

I'm attempting to grow some form of facial hair. I have never in my life had a mustache or beard. I figure sometime in my life I ought to have at least given a serious effort to growing one. Don't know if I'll give up this time...more likely Amy will lose her tolerance for my sudden nosedive into post pubescent vanity and I'll shave....If not perhaps we'll have a NAME THE BEARD contest.