Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Another reminder of the fateful nature of the business I'm in...a fellow employee has been "wished well in his future endeavors", which means he's been fired. No word on why, although he was not the most likeable fellow. Working with someone who gets fired is kind of like knowing someone who dies...it's scary in part because it reminds me of my own mortality.
If the Optimist Club has a world wide award for the person who always looks on the bright side it has to go to the "Iraqi Information Minister"... This guy has been on TV with bombs bursting around him telling reporters that U.S. troops aren't near Baghdad and that the Iraqi's are just about to win the war. I've seen a lot of spin-masters...this guy is unbelievable. The only thing that gives him any credence is that he's the only Iraqi male without one of those bad porn star mustaches.
I've been reflecting on reflection. An interesting word in that it has almost opposite meanings: to think or look inward at something, and to shine back an image or impression. I've been reflecting on reflecting God's word. Am I reflecting enough either way?
Speaking of word meanings....have you checked out dictionary websites that "speak" words so you can know the pronounciation? Someone has found a very clever use for that
Beard update: Couldn't stand it anymore. Hair today...gone now. I'm too lazy to have a beard..how is that possible? In any case, I have officially wished my beard "well in its future endeavors".