Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Ahhh..the tranquility of "yellow". The "Orange Terror Alert" status has been lowered. I still feel silly saying, "Orange Alert" on the radio. It's like saying, "Watermelon Warning" or something. Orange Terror Alert sounds like a bad takeoff on an even worse MOVIE.

I think all warnings designed to inspire fear in us should use military jargon: "DEFCON 6!" Now that would make me sit up and pay attention. A "Yellow Alert" just doesn't do much for me....Yellow is not a color that invokes my defenses....

Just met one of the new neighbors. I had met her husband and her three sons, but not her... She seems very pleasant. She's determined to get their yard looking nice. That's always threatening. The neighbor on the other side of us has employees who maintain his yard and the guy across the street has already set a new standard for "lawn maintenance". If these new folks start making their yard look pristine, I'm in trouble.

That's something I should receive warnings about, "Your neighbors are going to highlight your shabby landscaping".