Sunday, March 16, 2003

"What if Jesus came back like that?"

I initially read this story and laughed, "Great, God is here speaking like one of those "Billy Bob singing trouts". How could anyone think God would reveal Himself through a 20 pound carp?

Now I'm wondering what form God would have to take to get our attention where we wouldn't laugh or doubt it.
Say He took over all the TV sets. Wouldn't a good percentage of folks think that was merely some form of high tech wizardry or maybe a prank by a 14 year old computer hacker?
Take over the radio broadcasting frequencies? Surely that could be just some government conspiracy.

He could shout at us from the clouds...most of us would probably say we didn't hear anything and then double our medication.

Do we need to look to the clouds or listen to fish to hear from God? Can't we just look at and listen to each other?

I think most of time it's not God hiding from's the other way around.