Thursday, March 27, 2003

Suffered through jury duty yesterday. It's a wonder anyone ever goes on trial in this country and even more of a miracle that juries don't convict everyone who does stand trial after having to suffer the indignities of being chosen for a jury and losing patience with the process. I wasn't picked for a jury but I still had the pleasure of standing in line several times and answering a prosecutor's question in a "restoration" hearing. A "restoration hearing" is when someone who has been ruled nuts previously returns from the rubber Ramada and prosecutors try to prove they're no longer nuts. The dribbling gentleman whose fate was nearly put in my hands was mumbling to himself and looking everywhere but at the potential jurors during my brief encounter with him. Looked like an act to me, but I might have been rushing to judgement since I heard zero testimony and don't even know what he was accused of doing. In any case, I was ruled "unfit" to determine if he was fit...I think it's best not to dwell on that. His name wasn't Wayne or Mohammed.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: The urinal cake is gone. I diposed of it quietly, yet respectfully. No formal ceremony.

Life's a ball ....SOMETIMES.

On the war front....I found some web domains that, according to Yahoo, are still mysteriously available. For some reason no one has applied FOR THESE. .

Read into that what you will.