Saturday, March 08, 2003

A rain free weekend! I feel like it's been six months since we've had a dry weekend with sunshine...surely it hasn't been that long. Of course we'll probably lounge around watching movies, but the sun is out there if we need it...somehow that's reassuring.

I read where Hans Blix failed to mention some rather damning evidence during his latest "report" to the U.N.... well, he mentioned it, just not out loud. Maybe since he drones on and on the discovery of a drone aircraft seemed irrelevant. Selective truth, why are we so used to that? I hope when this war is over we seriously debate the need for the U.N.

Dan Morales, former Texas Attorney General, former San Antonio State Representative, and the first " official " in San Antonio I established a rapport with has now been indicted on 12 counts of fraud. Dan always seemed like a straight arrow. He's a Harvard grad...
THIS might explain it.